Inside Disney's new Carbon freeze me Experience

Disney calls the experience “Carbon Freeze Me,” enabling theme park guests to have their faces scanned and 3D-printed onto a small collectible figurine featuring their likeness sculpted onto Han Solo’s body, frozen in carbonite, a la “Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.”


Here’s a video of Ricky Brigante of Inside the Magic he was one of the first people to participate in Walt Disney World’s Star Wars Weekend carbon Freeze me event. He expects to receive his own personalised carbonite encased self in toy form from Disney in about a month.

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It's a Honda "Uni-Cub"

They  look like they were animated by Pixar for a live action remake of Wall-e,  the Japanese Uni-Cub doesn't hover but it can glide about sideways like a crab and frankly looks like it could be a little bit dangerous in a  head on collision, so best to just  keep going sideways.

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