Comic-Con Exclusive Hasbro Super Helicarrier

If you're lucky enough to be heading out to San Diego for the 2012 Comic-Con (and let's face it  crying most of us aren't), Hasbro will be selling this Super Helicarrier only at Booth #3329 while supplies last.

Retail price will be $129.99. This all-new limited edition comes with two special-edition action figures of Captain America and S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill, additional weaponry and special packaging with artwork by Joe Quesada.

Via: HeroComplex


80 Things to Make with Foil

Not 100, not 75 but exactly "80 Things to Make with Foil" from 1974 has 80 things in it that can be made out of foil. Trains, Viking Longships and some pretty fetching glasses. I picked this up in a Charity shop over the weekend, I'm currently making the Moon Base on page 58.