Spherical Japanese Drone

Made in Japan by Diginfo for tha Japanese Ministry of Defense.

The drone can hover like a helicopter and take off and land vertically while maintaining an ability to propel itself forward with wings flying at speeds up to 40 mph. There are three gyro-sensors embedded into the drone to maintain altitude and autopilot even if it's flight path is disrupted. And probably most frightening, it can hit the ground and roll in any direction, then immediately pop back up into mid-air.

A Honey Bee, Stinging

This amazing picture was taken by Kathy Keatley Garvey of the University of California. Due to the barbed nature of the Bee's stinger, as it flys away, its guts trail out of its abdomen, bummer!

The photo won the first-place gold feature photo award in an Association for Communication Excellence competition.

Via: Neatorama