Got Military Experience? Want to be in Thor 2?


Current Extras Casting Needs

• Men and Women with Military experience aged 18 to 50.

• Have had military experience, either Territorial or regular.

• You must be able to march in formation.

• Any ethnicity.

Must be generally available between September and December in London and the South East of England. To be considered, please register at the following website:

“Thor: The Dark World” Extras Casting Registration


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Star Trek the Original Series Shuttlecraft Sells For $70,150

The ultimate mancave accesory or just a sound investment before we all stop using money, the 24 foot long, 9 foot high Galileo NCC-1701/7 shuttlecraft from Star Trek TOS was sold recently at auction to an undisclosed bidder for $70,150. It’s been sitting in storage since it was acquired by a collector a few years back and is need of a lot of work.

'The Star Wars That I Used To Know' Gotye music Parody

‘Star Wars’ fans have been facing disappointment for years over the way their beloved film series has been treated by creator George Lucas. After countless re-releases of the original trilogy and a prequel of movies that were filled with plot holes, the sci-fi franchise has seen better days. Now, a parody video of Gotye‘s hit ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ has surfaced on the internet, expressing the toxic relationship between Lucas and ‘Star Wars’ fans.

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