The Simulation Hypothosis

The Universe and everyting in it just may be a simulation as particles only appear to exist when they are being viewed. Just like GTA then!  This is a very interesting documentary. it's quite long but you can listen to it while viewing other web sites it's still there on in the background on another browser tab, or is it?


Neil Gaiman reads A Christmas Carol

Acclaimed author Neil Gaiman performs a memorable dramatic reading from NYPL’s own rare copy of "A Christmas Carol," which includes edits and prompts Charles Dickens wrote in his own hand for his unique public readings 150 years ago. Dressed in full costume and joined by writer and BBC researcher Molly Oldfield, Gaiman performs the classic tale as its great author intended. [Jump to 10.00 for the reading]

A Guide to eBay Coupons make savings of upto £100 with 10%, 15% and 20% off, plus Nectar Points!

eBay CouponsOK I’m not going to go into a deep article about eBay here, just some simple advice that I hope you will find useful (if you do please click through our eBay link as that’s how we keep this site running).

Open a few eBay accounts, five is good and if you sell on eBay keep the selling accounts separate from the buying ones. Spread your bidding on items you want across your accounts, maybe bid or buy an item or two with one ID and then move on to another.  Why do this? COUPONS!