$130 Check that Bought the Rights to Superman up for Auction

A check that sold the rights of Superman for just $130 is up for auction..

On March 1, 1938, DC Comics gave two young men from Cleveland $130 for the rights to a comic character named Superman. That $130 check essentially created a billion dollar industry and set in motion nearly 70 years of legal battles that continue to this day.


When is a Name not a Name - When its an Bay User ID

A 62 year old eBay user in the UK, registered since 1998 had her ID "Animal" replaced by eBay, without her consent, with the new ID "animal_animal123" her previous ID "Animal" was allegedly then handed over to the manufacturer of certain surf wear products. This sets a new low for eBay if indeed they have hijacked a veteran registered user’s common word name and finally completely caved in to courting large business partners.

Man Inherits Million Dollar Comic Book Collection

Unfortunately I don't expect this to happen to me any time soon. But this collection, inherited by Michael Rorrer from his aunt, contained 44 of Overstreet Price Guide‘s Top 100 issues, including Action Comics #1, Detective Comics #27 (1st appearance of Batman), and Captain America #2, just to name a few. Here’s more on this incredible inheritance: