An Interview with Robert Crumb

Paul Gravett, interviews Robert Crumb who will be the focus of an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, France opening April 13, 2012.

You have been living in France since 1993. Do you feel remote from America and US pop culture, which were such an important part of your infuences, your creative mulch? Is that a problem?

Wanted Man Turns Himself In for Reward

Taliban commander Mohammad Ashan saw his face on a wanted poster and noted the reward was $100. So he grabbed one and went to a police checkpoint in the district of Sar Howza, Afghanistan, where he demanded the reward. Officials arrested him instead. He was wanted for plotting attacks on Afghan security forces.

When U.S. troops went to confirm that Ashan had in fact come forward to claim the finder’s fee, they were initially incredulous.

Zombie Apocalypse Red Letter Day!

This experience is not really offered by Red Letter Days, I made that up, you can't yet buy the experience in WHSmiths but who knows maybe soon you will. The Reading Zombie Experience is a new kind of audience participating Street Theatre, it's based in the UK where audience members get to shoot Zombies with guns (not real Zombies or Guns). Organised by who want to make your zombie apocalypse dreams come true, without all that pesky death, infection and head splattering gore.