A Guide to eBay Coupons make savings of upto £100 with 10%, 15% and 20% off, plus Nectar Points!

eBay CouponsOK I’m not going to go into a deep article about eBay here, just some simple advice that I hope you will find useful (if you do please click through our eBay link as that’s how we keep this site running).

Open a few eBay accounts, five is good and if you sell on eBay keep the selling accounts separate from the buying ones. Spread your bidding on items you want across your accounts, maybe bid or buy an item or two with one ID and then move on to another.  Why do this? COUPONS!

Ebay hand out coupons like confetti to low volume buyers so as to encourage them to use the site more. 10%, 15% and 20%, are the norm with a max discount saving of £100, often with a minimum spend required.

How’s this help you? After all you don’t want to spend £1000 on an item to save £100, well you don’t have to, the coupon can be used to purchase a number of items all at once, as long as they go through the  eBay and PayPal checkout together. So for instance, you could buy a smartphone for £100 and a pair of Levi’s for £45, normally if you checked out these items singularly you would only receive the discount once but check them both out together and the coupon can be applied to both items. This can depend on the specifics of the individual eBay coupon, some can be used in only a single category (eg Electronics).

Great so you’ve saved yourself 20% on that £500 flat screen telly you’ve been wanting but wait there’s more. Nectar points, eBay allow you to gather Nectar points for each purchase and even though 1000 Nectar points aren’t to be sniffed at (a fiver) it can get better, a lot better!

On occasion, if you’re lucky, you may get a message to opt into a Nectar promotion, an offer for 20x Nectar points per eBay purchase is not uncommon, active throughout a set time, normally a day. This coupon has a huge spend/savings value of up to a max of £5000, that equates to a 10% discount or £500 in Nectar points. Yes, you heard me right, spend 5K and get £500 in Nectar points. That’s enough for another telly! So the perfect storm here would be, eBay have offered you a 20% off coupon in cash value and then also Nectar have offered you a 20x Nectar promotion running concurrently (this has happened to me) so that’s an extra  £50 in Nectar points. That’s a whopping £150 off when combined with the eBay discount.

That's all I'm saying, I’m not even going to go into the convert your Nectar points into eBay vouchers and eBay will give you 30% back in Nectar point’s promo that they also sometimes run! That would be mad! Just like printing money.


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