BB-8, is Sphero’s new Droid the Ultimate Star Wars toy that You've been waiting for, this Christmas

Star Wars BB-8 is an App enabled remotely controlled droid toy that is surely to be at the top of everybody's 2015 Christmas list. Currently BB-8 is on Pre-Order at Amazon but available now on Firebox

So don't hang around reading the rest of this go get one NOW! !

In addition to driving BB-8 around like a remote-control car, you can also activate preset routines. Send him off to patrol his surroundings on autopilot. (He can’t see, so don’t put him near the stairs. If he runs into furniture, he’ll just stop and roll a different way.) Activate “Joy module” to make him do a little dance. You can even command him using your smartphone’s microphone. Yell, “It’s a trap!” and he’ll careen off. He understands “Look around,” “Wake up,” and other commands, too. (Just say “Hey BB-8” first.) BB-8’s capabilities will increase over time, via software updates, according to Sphero.